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Calculator − Simulator


Tire size calculator
Find all sizes for a given tire diameter
(from any tire notation, 1949 & up)
Selecting a tire for performance
What to look for on the tire sidewall
Tire friction & rolling coefficients
Find an estimate of those coefficients in any situation
Defining performance
The basic limits for performance
Drag & lift calculator
Find the drag & lift coefficients and the frontal area
for any vehicle
Engine theory
Everything you need to know on
how power is created in an engine
Weight calculator
Estimate the weight of your vehicle
Direct algebra calculator
Find out how to use our online calculator
Acceleration simulator
Find the maximum acceleration for your vehicle
(lateral G, 0-60 mph, ¼-mile, 100-0 km/h, top speed, etc.)
Unit conversion
Everything you need to know about
how to handle units
Horsepower calculator
Estimate the power of your engine
(2 & 4-stroke, turbo, blower, Wankel, any fuel type, etc.)
Polytropic process
Basic info about polytropic processes,
used in engine modeling

Still to come:

  • BRAKES   coming soon! 
    • Disc or drum
    • Get the right size
    • Get the appropriate brake bias
  • SUSPENSION   coming soon! 
    • For all types of geometry: double-wishbone, Macpherson, live axle, etc.
    • Get the appropriate spring stiffness
    • Get the appropriate damping
    • Get the appropriate geometry
  • POWERTRAIN   coming soon! 
    • 4-stroke camshaft design
    • 4-stroke intake & exhaust design
    • Forced Induction
    • 4-stroke engine simulator
    • Get the appropriate gear ratios